Kruger Park

luxury lodge safari in kruger national park

Marloth Park, within which Vida Nova Kruger is located, is heavily populated with protected game. You will share the roads with giraffes, zebras, impalas, warthogs, wildebeest, kudus, bushbucks, monkeys, baboons, brilliantly plumed birds, and many other magnificent creatures. The boundary fence along Kruger National Park provides a 9km hiking trail, and an opportunity to see elephants, hippos, and lions while walking in safety.

Things to do

lions kruger national park
Game Drives
bird watching kruger national park
Bird Watching
kruger national park night safari
Sunset Drives

Where to Stay

Where to stay

Where nature and elegance meet. Vida Nova Kruger brings eco-chic to Marloth Park accommodation, offering you an idyllic lodge with a conscious footprint. Bordering on the Kruger National Park, wake up and immerse yourself in African wilderness, with spectacular scenes of our iconic animals, and exquisite sunrises.

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