Game Drive Safari

If you have ever longed to go on safari in a luxurious game-watching vehicle, look no further than the marvellous Kruger National Park in South Africa. With almost two million hectares of unfenced wilderness to explore, the park is teeming with rich biodiversity and is considered one of the world’s best wildlife sanctuaries.  

Our Vida Nova Kruger lodge in Marloth Park serves as the perfect base for daily game drives into Kruger Park. Located a short 14 kilometres away from the Crocodile Bridge Gate entrance, anticipant visitors can expect to be within Kruger Park within thirty minutes and start their daily game-watching adventures. 

Adventurous travellers can set out to track the iconic big five animals: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and Cape buffalo. Our knowledgeable guides will drive you around the park in our opulent, air-conditioned, game drive vehicles. Each vehicle can comfortably seat nine people and come equipped with raisable rooftops that allow for 360 viewings, at a comfortable distance.

The Crocodile River forms the natural boundary between Kruger National Park and Marloth Park. Our lodge directly overlooks the river, and guests can observe animals, such as elephants and rhinos, drinking and bathing, at all times of the day. Marloth Park itself boasts an impressive population of wild game, and it is common to see animals such as giraffes, impalas, kudu, warthogs, and wildebeest grazing on our lodge’s lawn.

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